To Whom It May Concern: A Letter to It’Sugar Corporate Office

I was recently in your store located in the Scottsdale Quarter with my two young children. I was deeply troubled with the location of some of your mature merchandise – specifically the “oral pleasure” and “violent lips” candies displayed at the check-out counter. I was told that the decision to have these items placed at the front counter came from “corporate,” and therefore there was nothing the local store manager could do to move them to a more appropriate place.

I was also told by the store manager that although It’Sugar is a candy store, it does not cater to just children –it’s for adults too. So as an adult I want to let you know that the placement of your merchandise makes me very uncomfortable, and I am asking you to think about the impact you are having on our kids. Your store in the Scottsdale Quarter – across from a fantastic children’s water-play area – is a beacon of childhood delight. But the disturbing nature of the sexualized merchandise that you are shoving in the faces of our young children is truly unacceptable.

I do realize that the sexual images, innuendos and their meanings are probably over the heads of my 3 and 5 year olds, but that in no way makes me feel comfortable exposing them to such things. And there is no question that the overexposure to such inappropriate content can only lead to bad things. We, as parents, worry constantly about our children’s health, safety, and well-being – and here we have our kids playing outside a candy store that is chock-full of pornographic material and imagery that is proven to have serious negative effects on healthy development. I may be speaking for myself in this email, but I assure you, many, many adults (both with and without kids) would agree that this feels extraordinarily wrong.

When you are aware that your candy store is located in an area where kids are playing, you have a responsibility to move blatantly inappropriate items out of children’s sight, and make customers aware of sections that are not for kids!


2 Responses to “To Whom It May Concern: A Letter to It’Sugar Corporate Office”

  1. Jo Aaron July 6, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    Bet you a million dollars, the manager doesn’t have young kids that have to stand in line at his store. Some things should be reserved for bachelorettes, not preschoolers. It suck for little kids when it’s candy…pun intended.


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