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‘Bully’ Part II

10 Apr

Last month I wrote a post about the documentary ‘Bully.’ At the time, the movie had been given an R-rating and was the topic of many conversations. On April 5th, it was announced that the MPAA granted ‘Bully’ a PG-13 rating without requiring filmmakers to sacrifice significant content. This wise decision will allow this movie to be viewed by its intended audience – adolescents and teenagers in schools. Continue reading



13 Mar

The award-winning documentary Bully is scheduled to be released in theaters on March 30th.  This powerful look at the devastating consequences of bullying has the potential to affect change in the way we all think about and deal with this type of abuse – especially in schools. I’ve watched this trailer nearly 10 times, and I’ve yet to view it without tearing-up. But this emotional, valuable and relevant documentary has been given an R rating for language, restricting the accessibility of this film for the audience who would benefit most – children under the age of 17. Continue reading

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