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Pick your battles and words wisely

31 Jul

For the better part of 20 years, I have been working with kids and therefore been working with parents. From camps to classrooms all over the map, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with all sorts of parents. I would never say that I’ve seen it all, but I have seen a lot. From the extraordinarily high maintenance to the extremely low maintenance and many, many shades in between, working with parents has taught me a lot about the kind of parent I want to be – especially when it comes to advocating for my child. Continue reading


The Playdate

1 Dec

Why is it that “playdate” is not considered a compound word? My spelling skills happen to be atrocious (thank you spell-check for the assist with atrocious), so I typically don’t have a leg to stand on in these matters. But for some reason I feel strongly that playdate should be one word. This grammar/spelling conundrum is somewhat irrelevant, but I would like to share a tale about a playdate, and therefore am prefacing it by stating that I will henceforth intentionally ignore the annoying red squiggly lines. Continue reading


22 Nov

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the fall weather, I love the food, I love the non-denominational aspect of the holiday, and I love the classroom writing assignments on gratitude that it elicits. The following is from my daughter’s Pre-K classroom:

Continue reading

The Kind of Help We All Can Do Without

3 Nov

We have reached a turning point at my house. I am beginning to realize that my kids’ attempts at asserting their independence are producing some positive results. Well….at least some of the time, but hey – I’ll take it! 

Why didn’t anyone tell me what a life-changer it would be when my child could get into her own car seat and buckle herself in?! Underrated Milestone!!! Continue reading

Maybe I’m a Prude….

1 Nov

I have a question…When did Halloween become an excuse to wear no clothing? Maybe I’m a prude, but there is no doubt about it, Halloween looks very different today than it did 15 years ago.

So when did this happen? Before I take a stab at an explanation, I’d like to preface the following by stating that no research or investigation have gone into this post. Just sharing my opinion folks. So here it is – I think it happened somewhere between my sister and my adolescent/teenage years. See, my sister and I are six years apart, and somewhere in that age gap the shift happened. It obviously didn’t happen over night, but I’d have to say somewhere in the late 90s Halloween changed. Continue reading

Be Conscious of Messages (Solution 10)

28 Oct

For the past ten days I have been posting strategies for building stronger and healthier relationship and communication skills between boys and girls. My goal was to present ideas for bringing kids together to enhance their interaction. Today we reach the end of our top ten list, and I am pleased to present the final solution.…..Solution 10: Be Conscious of Messages Continue reading

Minimize the Use of Gender Labels (Solution 9)

27 Oct

Let’s jump right into it shall we?
Solution 9: Minimize the Use of Gender Labels

Everything has a label, a name, a title….We need to know how to refer to things. I use hundreds when talking to my own kids: Honey, Sweetie, Baby, Lovie, Kiddo, Dude, Babe, Sweetheart, Sugar, Lamb……When I’m speaking to both of them I will sometimes say Girls or Ladies, but I don’t think I have ever said to just one child alone, “Um, girl…could you please put your dirty clothes in the basket?” That’d be weird, right? But in groups we often use gender as a label, and often when it really isn’t necessary. Continue reading

Classroom Environment (Solutions 5 and 6)

24 Oct

We’ve hit the halfway mark on the top-ten list! When I started thinking about writing-up this next solution, it made some sense to me to combine it with another. Both have to do with the classroom and the classroom environment. I know many of you aren’t teachers, but as parents involved in your child’s school, I think much of the following may be of interest. So today’s post is a two for one…..Solution 5: Adjust Physical Environment & Solution 6: Creating a Sense of Community. Continue reading

Sticky Fingers

26 Sep

My child has sticky fingers. And I’m not talking about the kind that one remedies with soap and water. That’s right, I’m raising a thief. Not intentionally of course, but the evidence can’t be denied.

Exhibit A

Continue reading

Race You To Lakeshore!

19 Sep

I wouldn’t say that Lakeshore Learning is my favorite store, but it’s definitely in my top 5 (for those of you who have been following this blog, you know my heart belongs to Target). Since leaving the classroom, I don’t often have an excuse/reason for shopping there, but when I do….woohoo! I’m like a kid in a candy store! I’m not going to get into all the reasons I love Lakeshore because I will surely sound like a dork, but trust me, it’s GLORIOUS! And as good fortune would have it, today was my lucky day!

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