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Keeping My Crazy To Myself….

12 Oct

Last week I spent 2 full school days at a middle school in Tempe, Arizona. 1000 students attend this school. ONE THOUSAND! Did you get that? One thousand 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students together on one campus. Can you imagine?!

I was there to help collect data for a research project, but basically, I was pretty non-essential. This meant I was free to exercise one of my great talents – fixating on something and obsessing! Continue reading


I Love Teachers!

9 Sep

I LOVE teachers! I loved being a teacher, I love working with teachers, and I love the teachers that my own kids have and love. I do hope the feeling is mutual. What parent doesn’t want the teacher to love their own kid? But that is one of the greatest things about a great teacher – you always believe your child is loved.

Last night my two and a half year old had her Back to School class party. Gracie was covered in equal parts paint, popsicle and pasta sauce.  Miss Cindy looks from Gracie to my husband and me and says, “She likes to party hard!” Sporting her enhanced dress, crazy hair and dark circles under her eyes, Gracie really was a sight to behold. Racing around the room with reckless abandon, this wild child had one fabulous night. I just know it’s going to be a fantastic school year! 

Continue reading

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