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The Kind of Help We All Can Do Without

3 Nov

We have reached a turning point at my house. I am beginning to realize that my kids’ attempts at asserting their independence are producing some positive results. Well….at least some of the time, but hey – I’ll take it! 

Why didn’t anyone tell me what a life-changer it would be when my child could get into her own car seat and buckle herself in?! Underrated Milestone!!! Continue reading


Discover Common Ground (Solution 4)

21 Oct

Okay, here we go. Day 4…..Solution 4: Discover Common Ground

 It’s kind of getting late in the day, and I’m rushing to get this post up, but I have a good explanation for my procrastination. I spent the morning at the Arizona Head Start Association’s Mental Health Symposium, presenting a workshop on Bringing Boys and Girls Together in the Early Childhood Setting. See…my excuse is relevant. Continue reading

Cooperate and Collaborate (Solution 3)

20 Oct

Woohoo – day 3! I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t stressing me out, but I’m hoping that sharing this top ten solutions list in ten days will prove useful and interesting. Just as a quick recap, day 1 was dedicated to intentionally bringing boys and girls together, and day 2 focused on fun. Today’s solution adds a third layer onto this mission of bringing boys and girls together in ways that will enhance relationships…..Solution 3: Cooperate and Collaborate. Continue reading

Every Problem Has A Solution (Or Maybe 10)

17 Oct

I’m kind of obsessed with this new website my kids’ school just implemented. It’s not the easiest thing to access (there’s logging-in, passwords etc…), but it’s totally worth it because I get to be a fly on the wall, regularly viewing pictures and videos.

Continue reading

I Want To Be A Girl

14 Oct

Tuesdays are my Gracie Days. I work from home, and she doesn’t have preschool, so we usually get to spend some special time together in the morning. This week was no exception….it was special. Continue reading

Keeping My Crazy To Myself….

12 Oct

Last week I spent 2 full school days at a middle school in Tempe, Arizona. 1000 students attend this school. ONE THOUSAND! Did you get that? One thousand 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students together on one campus. Can you imagine?!

I was there to help collect data for a research project, but basically, I was pretty non-essential. This meant I was free to exercise one of my great talents – fixating on something and obsessing! Continue reading

Comments in Passing

10 Oct

Dr. Pollack, my childhood ENT, left an impression on my life. I never feared the doctor’s office, I thought ear tubes, hearing tests and earplugs were pretty cool, I loved getting Tootsie Pops, and I was certain that I was his favorite (no seriously…I was). Now as it turns out, my mom left an impression on his life. Continue reading

Best Practices

5 Oct

Best practices emphasize the importance of diversity in children’s play experiences and friendships.

But in reality, Continue reading

Top Ten Things That Make Me Cringe

3 Oct

Last week I read a great blog post entitled Boy or Girl? on Mom-101 about the questionable practice of assigning gender to McDonald’s Happy Meals. The uncomfortable conversation this author was forced to have with her daughters, explaining that the cool, fun toy was not just for boys, was reminiscent of an exchange I had with my own kids this summer. As a parent, there are often things my kids hear or see that make me cringe, and more often than not, these things have something to do with gender. I was inspired by this McDonald’s gaffe to create a list of my top cringe-inducing offenses: Continue reading

Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day!

28 Sep

It’s Ask a Stupid Question Day! Really. You can Google it, but I should forewarn you that there is a lack of agreement on the actual date for celebration (seems fitting, right?) Some sources claim that it’s September 28th, others September 30th and still more state that it’s the last school day in the month of September. And while believing something to be true just because you were able to read about it on the internet may be considered a “stupid assumption,” we are not celebrating assumptions today. It’s all about the question. Continue reading

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