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22 Nov

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the fall weather, I love the food, I love the non-denominational aspect of the holiday, and I love the classroom writing assignments on gratitude that it elicits. The following is from my daughter’s Pre-K classroom:

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Who’s In Charge Here Anyway?!

8 Nov

Gracie is on day two of having slices of salami for breakfast. On one hand I can justify this breakfast request because it sort of feels like it belongs in the bacon/sausage family. On the other hand it makes my stomach turn because of the way this child eats salami. I’ll spare you the details, but trust me, it’s DISGUSTING! Continue reading

The Kind of Help We All Can Do Without

3 Nov

We have reached a turning point at my house. I am beginning to realize that my kids’ attempts at asserting their independence are producing some positive results. Well….at least some of the time, but hey – I’ll take it! 

Why didn’t anyone tell me what a life-changer it would be when my child could get into her own car seat and buckle herself in?! Underrated Milestone!!! Continue reading

Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day!

28 Sep

It’s Ask a Stupid Question Day! Really. You can Google it, but I should forewarn you that there is a lack of agreement on the actual date for celebration (seems fitting, right?) Some sources claim that it’s September 28th, others September 30th and still more state that it’s the last school day in the month of September. And while believing something to be true just because you were able to read about it on the internet may be considered a “stupid assumption,” we are not celebrating assumptions today. It’s all about the question. Continue reading

Sticky Fingers

26 Sep

My child has sticky fingers. And I’m not talking about the kind that one remedies with soap and water. That’s right, I’m raising a thief. Not intentionally of course, but the evidence can’t be denied.

Exhibit A

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Does This Mean I’m A Soccer Mom?!

16 Sep

Molly started soccer this week, so I guess I’m officially a soccer mom. I don’t even know what that means….are people still even saying that? In any case, our house was full of excitement as we anticipated this season’s kick-off. Is that something you say in reference to soccer? Forgive me. I’m new here….

Although this is our rookie season, we have been talking about soccer since Molly started moving her legs. Even at 4 months, she was a kicker!  

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I Love Teachers!

9 Sep

I LOVE teachers! I loved being a teacher, I love working with teachers, and I love the teachers that my own kids have and love. I do hope the feeling is mutual. What parent doesn’t want the teacher to love their own kid? But that is one of the greatest things about a great teacher – you always believe your child is loved.

Last night my two and a half year old had her Back to School class party. Gracie was covered in equal parts paint, popsicle and pasta sauce.  Miss Cindy looks from Gracie to my husband and me and says, “She likes to party hard!” Sporting her enhanced dress, crazy hair and dark circles under her eyes, Gracie really was a sight to behold. Racing around the room with reckless abandon, this wild child had one fabulous night. I just know it’s going to be a fantastic school year! 

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Best Friends Forever?

12 Jul

I have a very vivid memory of taking 12 week old Molly to a My Gym class with my close friend and her 12 week old, Olivia. The two babies just laid there drooling and spitting up, but we were so thrilled to be out of our houses we couldn’t stop discussing how much fun the class was. “Oh, look at them,” we kept saying, all starry-eyed. “They’re having so much fun! They’re best friends!”  Four plus years later, and they really are “best friends.” They clearly didn’t have much say in the matter, having been told so since they were in utero. No pressure, right? They knew – from us – what they were to each other before they even developed a concept of friendship.

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Who’s My Boss?

28 Jun

Have I mentioned my 2 ½ year old is the boss of me? She is….it’s true. In recent weeks, I’ve been observed honoring her request that I return to my pajamas, replacing them over my sweaty running clothes. There have also been mornings when I have been seen making her buttered noodles for breakfast, and most evenings 2 stories turn into 22. The problem is that she’s really convincing. Continue reading

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