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The Support of Friends

18 Apr

Photo Credit: The Bully Project

If you’ve seen the film ‘Bully,’ then you understand why I am still thinking, talking and blogging about it. This powerful documentary highlights the stories of 5 kids and families who are affected tremendously by bullying. One courageous and charismatic 16 year-old, Kelby, eloquently discusses and describes the cruel abuse she endures as an openly gay youth in her small town. The strength and seemingly eternal optimism that Kelby displays throughout the film made a significant impression on me, and I’m certain I am not alone. Her resolve in the beginning of the school year to return and face her tormentors, and her determination to be a catalyst for change in her community speak to the strength of her character and left me wondering and reflecting on the sources of her resiliency.

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Lawn Chairs, Dirt Bikes, Good and Bad Ideas: Friends as Influences

20 Mar

Headed out of our neighborhood last weekend with both kids, my husband rounded a corner and came to an abrupt stop. Four boys around the age of 11 sat in lawn chairs placed strategically across the road. They remained there with their heads down, giggling, but you could tell a couple of them were nervous. Eventually one boy stood and moved his chair to let us through, but only after I rolled down the window and insisted that he do so. Continue reading

The Playdate

1 Dec

Why is it that “playdate” is not considered a compound word? My spelling skills happen to be atrocious (thank you spell-check for the assist with atrocious), so I typically don’t have a leg to stand on in these matters. But for some reason I feel strongly that playdate should be one word. This grammar/spelling conundrum is somewhat irrelevant, but I would like to share a tale about a playdate, and therefore am prefacing it by stating that I will henceforth intentionally ignore the annoying red squiggly lines. Continue reading

Life Is Coed

23 Sep

Mothers and Sons

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