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September Book Salute: Elephant & Piggie Series by Mo Willems

4 Sep

I had fully intended to salute adult nonfiction this month, but the time I typically dedicate to grown-up reading before shutting off the lights has been taken over by House Hunters International. I’m making a halfhearted commitment to change this routine, but I sincerely vow to read a worthwhile piece of adult literature to share with you all by next month.

The good news is I have an amazing new children’s book series to salute. Well, it’s not exactly new, but it is new to me. And while I may be somewhat late to the party, I’m sure glad I’m here! Continue reading


Lawn Chairs, Dirt Bikes, Good and Bad Ideas: Friends as Influences

20 Mar

Headed out of our neighborhood last weekend with both kids, my husband rounded a corner and came to an abrupt stop. Four boys around the age of 11 sat in lawn chairs placed strategically across the road. They remained there with their heads down, giggling, but you could tell a couple of them were nervous. Eventually one boy stood and moved his chair to let us through, but only after I rolled down the window and insisted that he do so. Continue reading

Can You Teach Your Kid To Care?

29 Dec

The other night the three year-old accidentally closed the five year-old’s hand in a stepstool, and I had an out-of-body experience. I couldn’t get her hand free for what felt like an eternity (but was likely 5 seconds), and shrieking just escaped from me. Terrible parenting, I know, but I couldn’t control it. I come from a long line of over-reactors, so it cannot be helped. It’s in my DNA.

So what about the fact that the three year-old was crying even harder than her injured big sister? I’ll acknowledge that my hysterics possibly influenced her reaction, but she was truly and genuinely upset and concerned. Continue reading

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