That’s What I Meant

9 Oct

3 birthday parties for 5 children in 1 weekend = a lot of presents to purchase. To accomplish this feat I brought my trusty advisers with me to pick out some gifts for their buddies (not the best laid plan, but, not the focus of this post). So to the toy aisle of Target I went with Katie (3 ½ ) and Annie (5 ½ ), and here’s a little snippet from our conversations:

Me: So Katie, what do you think we should get for Eli and Brian?

Katie: Something boy-lish.

Annie: There’s no such thing as “boy-lish” Katie. ‘Cause boys can like girls’ toys and girls can like boys’ toys.

Me: OooRrr….toys are for everyone, and boys and girls should get to play with whatever they like.

Annie: Right. That’s what I meant.

image credit: ms office images


One Response to “That’s What I Meant”

  1. Alex Newman August 8, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

    Reading through the archives and I absolutely adore this blog. As a 23-year-old woman in a serious relationship, I definitely appreciate the “superhero-princess paradigm-shift” and have been researching/discussing this with my friends for a long while regarding raising my future kids. It’s been percolating in my mind for some time now. My mom is a girly-girl who birthed a total tomboy. My most recent blog post was about how her grace in raising me started me thinking about this concept.

    Just wanted to tell you that it means a LOT that there are other women out there who are treading the gender-empowerment trail, too.

    Alex Newman

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