Every Problem Has A Solution (Or Maybe 10)

17 Oct

I’m kind of obsessed with this new website my kids’ school just implemented. It’s not the easiest thing to access (there’s logging-in, passwords etc…), but it’s totally worth it because I get to be a fly on the wall, regularly viewing pictures and videos.

While I am not going to share these pictures, I would like to share a quick written description of the most recent album from my daughter’s Pre-K classroom:

Photo 1: A boy eating lunch
Photo 2: Three boys playing with a truck in the sand
Photo 3: Two girls on the top of a slide
Photo 4: A girl at the bottom of the slide
Photo 5: Two girls on the rock wall
Photo 6: Three boys on the rock wall
Photo 7: A girl tracing another girl with chalk
…..you get the picture (pun totally intended).

gender segregationI know I have written about this before, and perhaps you’ve notice this yourself – boys and girls spend a significantly disproportionate amount of time playing and working with their same gender peers. This often translates into boys and girls practicing and polishing their social, communication and relationship skills in isolation of one another. Now this is not to say that kids shouldn’t spend time with their same-sex peers. On the contrary, same-sex peer relationships are very valuable and meaningful. However, when kids spend time with only half of the population, they really miss out on a lot of opportunities to learn from and about one another.

So should we do something about this? I definitely think so, The Sanford Harmony Program thinks so, and I’d like to dedicate these next ten posts to a “top ten” solutions list. Starting tomorrow, and each day for the next ten days, I’ll post one solution for bringing boys and girls together in ways that will enhance their relationship, communication and development.  Check in each day to see the solution, hear some fun, related stories and share your thoughts.


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